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Kenmare is a town at the very , very end or at the very beginning of the Kenmare Bay. Kenmare, Neidin, Ceann Mara. Why kenmare? Because i live here. Why do I live here? Because I like this place. Like people who were living here just a few thousands years ago. Kelts, Druids, Vikings... but at the very very beginning Ireland was probably occupied by people called Cheddar Men. Peaceful hunters and gatherers. They didn't fight against each other probably, that's why I say "peaceful" They were part of the food chain. Cheddar people had to protect each other. That vas only the way to survive, not being eaten by wolves or big brown bear. At some stage of European history Kelts have come to Ireland. Few waves, history call it Celtic invasions. Kelts were too fast, too strong, savage predators to let Cheddar people to survive. I don't really know how old Kenmare town is. The most popular theory is that Viks have landed here in 8th or 9th century, and this is probably the truth. But did they established this town? I don't think so... There is some kind of proof here: our local Stonehenge. We have no clue , what those stone circles were for. Most popular opinion is that druids were conducting around some vudu. It could be. Druids could use stone circles to charm local people with that vudu... Like politicians do now. What for? To control all those who got charmed. Simple. As we can see that some systems never changes. But Druids were not hard working people themselves, And this never got changed either. Some people, Kelts were physically building all those sites. Very heavy rocks, sometimes from distant places... miles or kilometres from building sites. (I think that Kelts were using kilometres, I'll explain this in another episode). So we don't know what kind of activity Druids were conducting here, We don't even know who Druids were... Maybe they were just chefs cooking in stone circles some Lamb Stew called later Irish Stew. Who knows?

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